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Finding that Calm Place

A year ago I was in a pretty bad state. I knew it at the time, but probably not how much. I’d had a rough few months and then had to leave my university city and return home, which was quite an upheaval. Although it was the right thing for me, it was a huge wrench at the time and took months for me to adjust. I was shattered, lost, and scared. I went through a pretty low patch over the winter, and took a while to pull myself out of it.  I was worried about everything – from  sleeping and having to talk to people, to getting into my car and walking into rooms of strangers. But I got through it (with some help).

Now, things are a bit more settled, and I’m enjoying summer, my favourite season. In some ways, I suppose the season really does affect me. I like nothing more than long days and warmth. Too, with this blog, I’m trying to utterly become absorbed in living the life I want to live – and there’s nothing wrong with aspirations is there?

Over the past few months I have found plenty of relaxing things, including pilates, peppermint tea, colouring, breathing, worry trees, writing things down, and more (more on all these things in other posts).  I am naturally a very anxious person (conscientious a teacher at school called me once), and sometimes the only thing to do is ride the anxiety out. Sometimes you have to write about it. Try to make sense of your fears and anxieties. Sometimes you gotta get outside and just do something else that takes it all away.

The sea is one of the things that calms me. There’s something just about being by the sea, breathing in that sea air that is relaxing and it brings you to a place of contentment. There is nothing better than feeling the wild sea air in your face, the taste of salt on your lips, and seeing waves crashing out. I love the sea in winter. It seems dangerous and potent. I love the sea in summer. There is just something about it. It reminds you that there is so much more out there, that you’re not the centre of the world, that everything can be dissolved away into nothing. The sea can carry away all your hopes and fears. It is a powerful force, bigger than you , bigger than life, and it is impossible to imagine all the things that are troubling you.

There is nothing more freeing.

What do you find calming?

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