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Summer Nostalgia: Friendship Bracelets

In this blog series, I am going to explore some of those summer things we used to do as kids that are now nostalgic. Any suggestions/ideas please let me know! 

Remember when summers used to be full of nothing more than swimming and running around in the sunshine all day – and making all your friends endless friendship bracelets?


Whether it was simple plaits or more complicated knotting systems (there was always someone who could make really complex ones) – we had it all covered.

A few summers ago (2012), I rediscovered the simple joys of friendship bracelets. I sat in front of Wimbledon, and then the Olympics coverage, just making bracelets, endlessly. I always had one taped to me, and soon there were discarded threads and tape everywhere. I soon ended up with a box of these bracelets and tried to give them out to as many friends as possible (and ended up with a ton on my arm too).

The thrill of being able to do such an easy and simple craft – cheap too – doesn’t wear off, and I wished that I’d rediscovered this joy earlier.


It’s easy to find tutorials and tips online – just a quick search brings up plenty of suggestions and ideas, and once you’re in the swing of it, it’s impossible to stop. Plus, all you need is some thread (I like the big packs of embroidery thread that you can get in craft shops) and perhaps some tape too – and that’s it!

I love the colours, and the way that it triggers all those happy, simple childhood memories.

Does anyone else still make these bracelets?

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