Fowey, Cornwall

The Art of Eating Alone

Following on from my post about Travelling Alone, I thought I’d continue by writing a bit about eating alone.

I’ll admit that this was something I was perhaps slightly apprehensive of at first. But then, I spend a lot of time sitting in cafes by myself and that seems perfectly natural and normal to me. Some people wouldn’t even do that. But I like having the time to think, to write, to dream, to people watch…

There’s a stigma attached to eating alone, especially for women, and there really shouldn’t be. What is wrong after all, with going out to enjoy some good food by yourself? Especially if you’re travelling on your own.

I’ve only really “eaten out” alone, in places where I’ve felt really comfortable, and I suppose that’s part of the trick. Some places are great and welcoming, and relaxed, whereas others probably don’t suit it quite so much.

Eating alone is great. It’s another of those opportunities to sit, and watch people, eat what you like, read a book, or sit scribbling, whatever you like.

Sometimes, I wonder why I don’t do it more, but when the opportunity or reason is there, it’s something I love to do – and something that more people should do. Whether you sit there, head buried in a book, or a notebook and pen poised, or just staring into space, it can be incredibly rewarding and fulfilling. And after all, what is there to be afraid of?

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