Summer Nostalgia: Holiday Diary

I don’t know about you, but for my siblings and I , every holiday adventure begun with selecting a new holiday diary. This was the bit we were always most excited about for some reason, and going to pick out a new notebook to fill with all the holiday adventures was the best part of packing (and selecting a few books to take as well).

2015-08-13 17.17.27

An excerpt from a recent holiday diary

I remember vividly scribbling in my diary – normally things like, “we went to the shops and got croissants”, or other such mundane things. There was the task of collecting things too – leaflets and paper bags, receipts (begged off Dad), paper napkins from restaurants, and much more.

A du Maurier quote

A du Maurier quote

For about five years, I also kept a regular, daily diary, and I just loved the act of writing in a diary and noting down what I’d been doing – probably something that over spilled from those holiday diaries (and let’s face it, reading The Princess Diaries).

I think that it’s wonderful to be able to sit back and recap your day, or even write about it half way through – it gives you time to treasure moments, reflect, be thankful and appreciative for everything.

Another recent holiday diary - bit of a theme here...

Another recent holiday diary – bit of a theme here…

I still try, when I go away, to make some kind of holiday journal and they work of varying degrees. Now I try more to note down imagery, and sights, feelings – things that might feed back into my writing now.

Does anyone else still keep a holiday journal?

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