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Top Ten Summer Artists

Sometimes, there is nothing I love more than putting on some calming, gentle, relaxing music in the background. I am a great fan of silence, but I also love music. I thought it would be fun to put together a list of my top ten summery/relaxed/meaningful artists.

So here we go.

1. Jackson Browne

Many don’t know that Jackson originally wrote The Eagles song, Take it Easy. He’s an Californian singer/songwriter, with beautiful meaningful and catchy songs. Favourites include These Days, The Pretender, Running on Empty – and more!

2. Dougie Maclean

A Scottish folk singer/songwriter, best known for his love song to Scotland, Caledonia, a song that I adore. Beautiful music and lyrics.

3. Jack Johnson

A surfer turned singer/songwriter. I particuarly love his In between Dreams album.

4. George Ezra

Moving onto more recent artists, George is the first more contemporary artist on this list. His first album was inspired by his gap year travels, and I love the catchy melodies and lyrics!

5. Ed Sheeran

Another more contemporary singer songwriter, I love his catchy songs and how he can create so much, from something so simple!

6. Ben Howard

Popular on the surf scene, he writes beautiful, haunting songs.

7. Newton Fawlkner

I love his songs, specifically his first album, which is just wonderful!

8. Keane

The first band on the list! Hopes and Fears and Strangeland are both wonderfully evocative and haunting albums.

9. Mumford and Sons

I just love their infusion of folky music.

10. Mcfly 

Okay, I couldn’t create a list like this and not sneak them on somewhere. I associate many of their albums and songs with the summer – with concerts, waiting for new albums and singles, watching early morning kids TV to see the new videos, and obsessing over them. It would be impossible to select an album that most sums up summer for me!

And that’s my list of ten artists that I love listening to – especially over the summer. What are yours?

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