The Art of Eating Simply

I didn’t expect to turn “The Art of” into a series, but here I am, with the third post. I suppose in a way, these are aspirations, things to live by.

Eating simply, healthily, wholesomely is something I’m deeply passionate about.

It’s not always possible, but eating and living by the seasons has always been important in the past – and why shouldn’t it be important now? Perhaps growing up on a farm has instilled this in me, but it’s something I really believe makes our lives better.

We’re constantly being bombarded with media interpretations of what we should and shouldn’t eat. Something that is good, is suddenly bad, and vice versa. “Low fat” and “sugar free” foods are sold to us as a “healthy” alternative, but I do not believe that they are.

Personally, I believe that food should be stripped back. Right back to the basics. This is something that is being echoed in popular media these days, with recipes books embracing simple, wholesome, and natural cooking.

Cooking should be simple and easy – and exciting. No ready meals or instant fixes. No products pumped full of additives and preservatives.

Of course, we don’t live in a perfect world, but I’m conscious of thinking about what I put into my body and what I choose to eat.

All you need to eat simply is some determination, fresh ingredients, and perhaps a pile of cookbooks for inspiration… but perhaps you don’t even need that.

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