mint leaves, summer

Mint Tea

I’ve become addicted to fresh mint tea this summer. Over the past few months I’ve been drinking peppermint tea, and banning myself from drinking any caffeine after six pm in the evening. There was a reason for this – over the winter I went through an incredibly rough patch, sinking pretty low, and finding myself unable to sleep and anxious about everything.

I knew that I had to mix things up somehow and one big element was how much caffeine I drink. I was advised to drink less caffeine and of course, this was a huge shock to me. Β I’m a writer – I thrive on coffee shops andΒ I’m a coffee girl, and need coffee to get going in the morning. I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to cut that out completely, but I was well aware that I drank far too many cups of tea throughout the day – and into the evening. This I could cut down. So I self imposed a no caffeine after 6 pm ban on myself, starting with peppermint tea, after discovering it on a short weekend break. It’s meant to be good for digestion too – and most importantly caffeine free.

And maybe it’s partly psychological, but since then I have been sleeping better and feeling better.

But now it’s summer, and fresh mint is in abundance in the garden.

I recommend adding a few leaves to boiling water, and letting it infuse for a few minutes.Β 

Personally, I leave the leaves in while I drink, but you may prefer to take them out.

And then sit back and relax, watching the sun set.

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