summer, overgrown, bramble, gate

A Summers Day // Reflection

Lying under the cherry trees, the dappled sunlight shimmering over me. The branches dance in the light breeze. Butterflies swoop overhead, chased by dragon flies. A bird sings from the tree tops.

The sky is a brilliant blue. There’s not a cloud to be seen. A plane passes overhead, leaving a white trail behind it. Up there, there are people, turning the pages of a book, staring down at the green land, or plugging into a film. And I am down here – a tiny speck – a dot just watching them pass by. They don’t see me. But I see them.

The grass is soft on my back, tickling me. A bug crawls over my foot. I shake it off.

I stare at the leaves above me. The bright green leaves are beginning to change – turning red and orange as autumn approaches.

The summer is nearly over, but today, it is one of those lazy days, with the sun high in the sky. The future lingers, but for now, now I am content. The future can wait. It’s all about this, right now.

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