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Top Ten Books about the Sea

I love books, and there’s nothing better than a book that combines my love of the sea/coast/outdoors, with a tantalising, gripping tale – even better if there’s a mystery or hint of some underlying secret! And even better if there’s a big old house somewhere or if it’s set in the summer.

Here are some of my favourites, including some more recent favourites – although by no means an exhaustive list! Compiling these lists is always more of a challenge than you think – suddenly trying to remember books that you love is impossible, but here we go anyway.

(Note: I didn’t realise quite how many YA books this would include, but I’m not really surprised to be honest!)

1. Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier

This is my all time favourite book, and if possible I try to never leave it off a list. Of course, it becomes the book that everything else is compared to…. dark, gothic, haunting, and just everything.

2. The Book of Summers by Emylia Hall

Emylia’s writing is atmospheric, haunting, and beautiful and the first time that I read this story I adored it.

3. The Sea Sisters by Lucy Clarke

Lucy writes gripping and intriguing stories, all set by or involing the sea in some aspect! I just read Lucy’s latest book as well, The Blue, and it was a wonderful mystery combined with beautiful, inviting images of the wide open seas and life on a yacht.

4. Blue by Lisa Glass

Nothing like a good surf story, set in Cornwall, of course, to get me hooked – throw in a budding relationship, plenty of surfers, and conflict and I’m there! The sequel is ace as well.

 5. Lorali by Laura Dockrill 

This book was nothing like I’d ever read before – mermaids and underwater worlds, plus a strand of the story set in Hastings all of places. Magical!

6. Coming Home by Rosamunde Pilcher 

This book is mainly set in Cornwall, although it moves around the world. I just love following this family around throughout the years – and the Second World War. I always love Rosamunde’s characters.

7. Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen

Any of Sarah’s books set in her seaside town of Colby would count for this – but this is one of my favourites and one I come back to time and time again.

8. Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson

Morgan manages to tie in so many different elements in this book, and I loved the way she created a wonderful holiday setting together with a heartfelt, emotional family suituation.

9. Darkmere by Helen Maslin 

This was a wonderfully gothic and haunting read – full of intrigue and lots of unsettling passages! I loved the dual narrative and the way the stories intertwined.

10. Deep Water by Lu Hersey 

Another book inspired by sea creatures and mysteries and legends, set in Cornwall – I adored this!

Honourable Mention because it’s not even out yet: The Sea Between Us by Emylia Hall.

I can’t wait for this to come out – this week! Not long to go….

What are your favourite sea/coast/summer reads? Any recommendations for me?

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