Hogwarts Express Platform 9 3/4

September 1st

Sometimes I write posts about how lucky I am that Harry Potter changed my life, and how magical it is, and how on September 1st, I always feel a sense of nostalgia/excitement/joy. This year I wrote something a little different.


Through the wall

burst of chatter


steam billowing

clock is ticking

strikes eleven

train is ready to depart

it’s time to go

time to go home

back to school

goodbye muggle world

hello magic castle

disappearing steps

and shrinking doorways

never ending feasts

flying in the air

trips to hogsmeade

and lots of butterbeer

stay up all night

sneak around

dungeon detentions

and lazing by the lake.

It’s time to depart –

time to get ready

because it’s time

to go back.

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