Fowey, autumn, cornwall

On the Road – A Reflection

Written in Fowey, September ’15

I went to bed at 9.30 last night, which was absolutely amazing after a few late nights (which I am not used to anymore!) and lots of driving, as well as the sea air.

Because guess where I’ve ended up?


Yes, that’s right – the place I warble about all the time, the place of my dreams – of everything.

I drove down for the first time ever too – firstly for a visit to my old university town, and to see some old friends, and it was wonderful. It was so nice to see the town again, catch up with old friends, and wander the streets I used to know. It was freeing too to have a car – and it turned out it was easy getting there. After all this time!

And of course, as I was down in this part of the world, it made sense to go on.

There’s something freeing about being on the road, having the power to go anywhere, do anything you want. I could have stayed down there for weeks, exploring, doing my own thing. I loved having the time to explore, relax, walk, wander, drink coffee, and write. So wonderful to be able to write and dream.

And now, I just want to go back again. It already seems a long, long way away…

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