Charleston Bloomsbury

A Day at Charleston

In September, I attended the final day of the Charleston Short Story Short Wonder Festival. The festival is held annually, and I’ve never had the chance to go before, but this year, I knew about it in enough time, and decided I should attend.

We were blessed with a beautiful sunny day, which was lucky because there wasn’t much sitting inside space! We enjoyed yummy pizza, attended talks, wandered around the garden, and had a tour of the house.

The garden was beautifully sheltered, and many flowers were still out, which was absolutely gorgeous, and we sat in the garden, taking part in the Hidden Poetry challenge. There were lots of words scattered throughout the garden, which were meant to inspire poems.

My poem!

My poem!

I attended one of the talks, called Magic Moments, with Marina Warner and Heather O’Neill, all about fairy tales and rewriting them. It was fascinating and inspiring – and the barn was jam packed. About five minutes into the talk, the milking started in the next door barn, which certainly added to the atmosphere! An interesting juxtaposition – the rural and the literary.

Picked up a few books

Picked up a few books

We also attended some of the fantastic Outsider events in the garden, including a Haiku Workshop. It was really inspiring and great fun. Now I’m addicted to writing haikus! The teacher was wonderful, very kind and knowledgeable. Nothing better than writing haikus in the sunshine.

Mosaics in the garden

The day also gave me a new appreciation, obsession, and understanding of the Bloomsbury group and I can’t wait to read more. It was a wonderful day out, and I can’t wait to go back and visit Charleston again one day soon. Next I want to visit Monks House, Virginia Woolf’s house.

Has anyone else been to Charleston?

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