Fearless: The Interview Series – Karla Layton

Welcome to the second interview in my series of interviews with inspiring women. This next one comes from Karla Layton, who blogs at KarlaLayton.com. I was delighted to receive such a positive and enthuastic email from Karla, and the answers that she gave to my questions were inspiring and insightful. I really enjoyed working with Karla on this one, so I hope you all enjoy it too!

Here’s some more about Karla:

Karla Layton is a writer, speaker, mentor and essential oil goddess. Her ebook EASE has landed in the hands of over 300 women, guiding them to live creative lives whilst cultivating calm.

 Karla believes people have the inherent power to live boundlessly from the day they were born, but societal standards have convinced us otherwise along the way. She is now on a mission to show young spirited women like herself how to reclaim themselves with wild abandon. 

nurture yourself, unearth yourself, expand yourself – that’s her spellbinding brand.


 1. Something I love about reading your blog, is your spirit and determination to follow your dreams. For someone like me, who is trying to do the same, it’s really inspiring. What persuaded you to take the leap and set up your blog?  

There’s an interesting story to that. A few years ago after my Journalism degree I did a week of work experience at Madison magazine (one of my favourites). On the third day I was there I arrived to the office only to find all of the staff in a meeting, some of them crying and some of them looking in despair. I was sent home early that day as I got told they were shutting down the magazine and all the staff had lost their jobs. This experience really struck a chord with me about what I wanted to do with my life and take control. I came home and realised I wanted to create my own success and happiness. That I didn’t want to be dictated by the big man and I wanted the freedom to inspire people, go against the status quo and create and live a life I truly love and adore.

2. You also put together an eBook, which I also found really encouraging and inspirational – why did you decide to do that and what was the process like?  

Thank you! Again, a lot of my biggest success have come after triumphs. The idea for EASE actually came through me sitting on Canggu beach in Bali. After travelling for three months I felt so at peace with myself and I felt the urge to share with people how they can live creative lives with ease. When I got back from overseas I was working in a job I no longer had passion for, two months later I resigned and that very night EASE evolved. I believe when you make bold decisions for yourself the universe instantly begins to expand, and when I quit my job I knew it felt right straight away because I managed to begin writing my book, I finished my website and I started doing fashion blogging for White Bohemian. All of the stars aligned. Ease took about three months of drafting, polishing, designing, shooting and publishing – and every minute of it was worth it.

3. Your recent post about embracing your inner child really struck a chord with me. What are your favourite ways of doing this?

I actually decide this in the moment by listening to my body and what it truly desires. But most of the time that might be a walk along the beach, watching a t.v series and switching my brain off, reading a book or grabbing a coffee and sitting in my favourite meditation spot in North Bondi. Everyone is different and it’s not a one size fits all – whatever it is you crave in that moment and your inner child is yearning for, listen and follow through with it.

4. What are your top tips to someone wanting to follow their dreams?

Be kind to yourself and realise it’s a long journey, but a FUN one. Practise self-care regularly, find yourself a mentor or someone to hold you accountable for your actions, network with like-minded people who understand you. Be aware that fear may creep it’s way in sometimes but don’t ignore it – I actually see fear sometimes as a beautiful sign of how much you crave these big, bold dreams. Acknowledge what’s holding you back, thank the universe for letting you know what you don’t want and quickly return to a place of love, do what makes you feel good and embrace your fierce divine feminine. 

5. What’s your favourite inspirational saying or the best advice ever given to you?

A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles – I live by this everyday.

6. What’s the most important lesson you’ve learnt on your blogging journey so far?

You simply cannot waste time comparing yourself to other people. Everyone has their own highlight reel and very few of them show the sweat blood and tears that goes into creating a blog and consistently making it strive. Of course it’s all worth it – , but what I find is too many people stop in their tracks because they question what they’re doing, they want to follow what everyone else is onto, and they end up imitating someone else’s work instead of staying true to themselves – which I believe is the best inspiration you could give to anyone.

7. I decided to call this blog series “Fearless” because I wanted to feature women who had followed their dreams, were doing what they loved, and inspiring other people to do the same. What does “fearless” mean to you?

Being at peace with your fears, being daring with your work, sticking to your guns and challenging society’s conditioning of what ‘success’ truly is.

8. I’m a huge reader and always interested in what other people like to read – do you have a favourite book or author? Or a book that particularly inspired you in your life?   

This is tough because I’m a book shop junkie! The first ever book I started with was Louise L. Hay’s “You can Heal your life’ which I still refer to all the time to this day. ‘The Motivation Manifesto’ by Brendon Burchard is another empowering read written in a very poetic way. Anything by Gabby Bernstein and Marianne Williamson. However at the moment I’m reading ‘Women Who Run With the Wolves’ by Clarissa Pinkola Estes – an incredibly life-changing read on how to contact your inner wild woman and reclaim and rejoice in our true feminine power. I think has already become my top pick.

9. Finally, something to be thankful for?

Sunshine, Love, Creative Expression, Wild Abandon, Flowers and Coffee (where in the world would I be without that!)

Thank you all for reading and a huge thank you once again to Karla for answering my questions and taking part – I’ve loved having you on my blog. 

Don’t forget to check out Karla’s blog, where you can find out more about Karla’s latest project -#7DaysofMeditation!

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