Air by Lisa Glass

Six Authors Who Write About Cornwall

There’s a wealth of Cornish novels out there, as it’s such a beautiful and inspiring part of the country to write about. Here’s six authors who have set novels in the county.

  1.  Daphne du Maurier

I’m sorry. No, I’m not. It might be getting boring, but I couldn’t leave Daphne off this list. Aside from Rebecca, Daphne wrote a wealth of Cornish novels including Frenchman’s Creek, The House on the Strand, The King’s General, Rule Britannia, and The Loving Spirit.

2. Rosamunde Pilcher

I adore The Shell Seekers and Coming Home, both mostly set in Cornwall.

3. Liz Fenwick

All Liz’s novels are set in Cornwall, around the same Helford/Falmouth area, and are a wonderful escape into a Cornish setting.

4. Lisa Glass

Lisa’s beautiful surf novels are set in the Newquay surf scene, encompassing the Cornish surf scene.

5. Veronica Henry

Veronica’s latest novel, High Tide, is set in Cornwall, as well as earlier novel, The Long Weekend, while others are set in Devon!

6. Emylia Hall

Emylia’s recent novel, The Sea Between Us, was set on the beautiful Cornish coast.

There are plenty of other authors who write about Cornwall – who are your favourites? 

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