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Mince Pies

It’s that time of year again – time to crack out the Christmas songs and decorations, sing carols, eat lots of delicious food, and generally enjoy the festive period, company of friends and family. But it’s also a terribly nostalgic and strange time.

I love Christmas, I always have. But it always comes tinged with a sort of longing for the past and strange sort of nostalgia.

Last weekend, I made my mincemeat for mince pies. I’ve been making mince pies for the last few years, but it’s only the second year I’ve made mincemeat.

2015-11-30 16.16.30

I always use Delia Smith’s classic mincemeat, and mince pie, recipe. It’s very simple really. Making mincemeat just takes time and preparation – otherwise there’s not much to it. Mince pies are pretty straight forward too, as long as you can crack pastry, and thanks to plenty of tips from my childhood that I’ve remembered, I think I’ve pretty much got it down. The way we always have them anyway – different people have different expectations, different things they’re used to.

The recipe I use is the same one as my mother used, and I like to think that I’ve got them pretty much the same.

I’ve always loved mince pies.

For a while, the only ones I would eat were my mum’s homemade ones. I refused to eat any others. I’m more relaxed now… but homemade ones are superior, of course!

I used to love helping to make them – rolling the pastry out, putting the mincemeat in the pastry, putting the lids on – although, I do remember having to wait until a few batches were done before I helped out!

My sister and I used to have a mince pie eating competition every Christmas, keeping a tally of how many pies we ate over the festive period…. I always won. She later said she didn’t really like them anyway…

My first batch of pies are done – and I’m sure that I’ll be making (and eating) many more before the year is out…

What are your festive traditions? Do you like to bake mince pies? Share your stories in the comments!

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