My Writing Year

It’s all too easy to look back on the year and think, well, I didn’t achieve much with my writing after all. So I thought I’d try and round things up and get some perspective, because I have achieved things this year, and it’s good to look back and take stock.

This has been the year that:

I’ve met agents at conferences,

attended panels, conferences, and talks.

I’ve queried like mad,

enjoyed the thrill of a full request.

I’ve enjoyed writing out of my comfort zone, experimenting with styles, stories, formats, blogging and sharing snippets of writing and short stories.

I’ve enjoyed writing short stories again.

I’ve edited and edited and edited,

As well as written first drafts of new stories i’m still excited to get to play with.

I’ve met tonnes of other writers at conferences, workshops, and critique groups.

I’ve pushed myself and my writing.

I’ve discovered new authors to read and connect with.

I daren’t even begin to imagine the amount of words I’ve clocked up this year! So, here’s to 2016…. I’ve got a good feeling about it!

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