autumn fields, blue skies, clouds


You’ll have nights when you won’t be able to stop crying, when it will feel like the whole world is against you, that the world is over. There’ll be nights when the tears won’t stop coming. When the whole world feels dark and cruel. When it feels hopeless, and like there’s no point.

There’ll be nights when you just want everything to be the way it was before. Before everything changed. When you want to have those people back – from the dead, from the other side of technology, from the other side of growing up and changing. When you want things to be exactly the way they were before.

But then, there’ll be the days when the sun won’t stop shining, when everything and anything seems possible. When you feel like you’re flying among the stars, riding high, and nothing can bring you down.

When the sun is warm against your skin, when everything is going right, when it feels as if you’ll never be sad again. When the water laps against your feet, sand crunches under your feet, and you’re happy. When you’re surrounded by people or ideas or things that make you happy – that understand you.

When the words are flowing and it feels like creativity makes the world go round.

You’ll never know why, sometimes it feels like this, and sometimes it doesn’t.

And yet, still, among all this, the world will keep turning, always turning.

The waves will keep coming and going.

The sun will rise.

The sun will set.

The moon will glow, cycling from new moon to full moon.

And you – you’ll keep existing.

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