sunrise in fowey, winter

Peace and Inspiration

Returning home after a holiday is always strange. It’s difficult to settle again, to refocus, despite all the ideas and dreams you had when you were away. It’s hard to get back into that rhythm of life, especially after establishing a new one when away.

I’ve just returned from yet another week in beautiful Fowey, and as always found it difficult to leave and tear myself away. It’s hard to get back into the normal swing of things.

When you’re away, everything seems possible. Dreams suddenly seem to have some sort of possibility, everything becomes clear.

It’s amazing what difference a week makes.

It’s amazing how reinvigorating a change of scene – a place you love, time to think, dream, consider, imagine, can be. It’s a chance to dream and imagine the life you really want.

It was a wonderful week away – with sunshine, walking, dreaming, writing, coffee, and catching up with people I know.

And now, I’m back home – trying to hold onto some of that excitement and drive, making lists and plans, trying to get ideas and projects straight in my head – decide what to work on next, where to go next, looking over my notes from the week.

And planning my next trip back down to Fowey of course…

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