Five Young Adult Authors Who Make Me Long for Summer Read More on Sea, Earth, Sky. Featuring Sarah Dessen, Morgan Matson, Lisa Glass and more!

Five Young Adult Authors Who Make Me Long for Summer

There’s nothing better than curling up with a beach/summer/surf story that just instantly transports you to long sunny days, sandy beaches, and every lasting summer holidays. Here are five of my favourite Young Adult authors who write about the beach and summer.

Sarah Dessen

Sarah Dessen is the Queen of the summer novel. Seriously. If I want a go to inspiring, comforting, and transporting story, I’ll go to Sarah. My favourite summery reads of hers include Along for the Ride, The Truth About Forever, The Moon and More, and Saint Anything. I particuarly love how characters from previous novels will crop up in others, as well as the same locations (Colby Forever), schools, and more. I love finding all those little links, as well as feeling like I’m transported to the beach!

Morgan Matson

Morgan Matson’s books embrace and encompass everything that I love about YA. I adored Second Chance Summer, which made me weep, and Since You’ve Been Gone. I can’t wait for her upcoming novel. Morgan evokes summer and friendship and growing up in all her novels and they’re beautifully written.

Huntley Fitzpatrick 

My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick is one of those novels that has all those essential summer YA elements – a long summer holiday, a summer job, a boy next door, and plenty of secrets. This book has dreamy characters and a heart that makes me weep – and reread.

Lisa Glass

Lisa Glass writes surf novels set in Cornwall that I absolutely adore. I love the surfing lifestyle, YA, and Cornwall, so these novels have all those elements – and more. Blue and Air feature Zeke and Iris, and follow their surfing adventures. Ride is due out this year – and I can’t wait. It’s even being made into a film and I can’t wait to see it!

Non Pratt

Non Pratt’s most recent novel, Remix, doesn’t contain any beaches, but it is about a summer festival and really evokes those teenage feelings of being free and young and having the summer stretching out in front of you – as well as all that teenage angst!

What are your favourite summer YA reads? Let me know in the comments! 

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