For a long time, I’ve been wondering what it is I could do to turn my passion into something tangible. Sure, my main goal is to write, and just write, but I also want to do something else with it.

After all, I have this passion for writing and creating, and I also love encouraging others on their writing journey – that’s partly what this blog has become, with my Sea Stories monthly writing challenge and also Windsurf Wednesday. But I knew there must be something else I could do.

That was when I stumbled upon the idea of e-courses.

After thinking it was cool but not knowing how I could use it, I put the thought to one side. But then it occurred to me. Why not create creative writing courses? I knew that there were plenty of blogging and freelance writing courses, but creative writing was my thing – and my thing that I knew about.

So here we are. I’ve created a free e-course called Seascapes, inspired by the sea, which is available to join and take part in now.


And, launching on April 18 is Writing the Sea, an eight week creative writing course, inspired by the sea and helping you to find new inspiration. The course will guide you through exercises, readings, and more, as well as the chance to become a part of the exclusive Writing the Sea writing community!

Enrollment will open on April 1, but make sure you register your interest for the course so that you’ll be first in line when it does open. From April 1 – 18, you will be able to join at a special discounted price ($77 – that’s less than $10 per week of content!).

Plus if you sign up now, you’ll get a little free gift from me – ten things that I’ve learned about writing short stories, exclusive only to this email list. So sign up today! 

Hit the picture below to sign up and join me on an exciting new adventure. 


I can’t wait to welcome you through the doors of Ocean Writing School and get writing with you.


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