Sea Stories - a Monthly Creative Writing Challenge hosted on Sea, Earth, Sky

Sea Stories: New Beginnings

The feel of the sun was harsh on her skin. It had hit her as soon as she walked off the airplane earlier that day. The warmth and feel of the sun was so alien and unfamiliar. But here she was, ready to start a new life.

It was just what she needed. She was relieved to be there – and yet…

It was a lot to get used to. Out the window she could see the ocean. It glimmered in the dazzling sunlight appearing mystical and dreamlike. But it was real – she knew it was. She had put her aching feet in it earlier, felt the warm water against her skin. Because here, even the water was warm. It was nothing like the grey skies of home where the pebbles crunched underfoot.

Here, there were miles and miles of glorious sand. It was something out of a picture book. A fairy tale – one that was just beginning. This was a beginning that she hoped would last for a long time. She was tired of endings, of things not working out. She didn’t want to uproot again – not yet.

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