Ten inspirational ocean blogs, bloggers, and brands. Read more on Sea, Earth, Sky

Ten Ocean Loving Bloggers You Should Check Out

There’s nothing I like more than stumbling upon a blog that manifests everything that I care about and love. There are so many inspiring ocean and ocean living and surf blogs, bloggers, and brands out there, I thought I’d gather together some of my favourites.


DontTellSummer run by the wonderful Olivia O’Connor was one of the first ocean lifestyle blogs that I stumbled upon and I adore it’s message and inspirational posts. You can read my Fearless interview with Olivia here.


Marta AKA Surfragette blogs about surfing, life by the sea, and much more, including absolutely gorgeous photographs that are enough to inspire anyone to get out on the water!

Beached Artisans

Two British girls who are packing in the 9-5 life and seeking adventure on the road and a simpler way of living. Folllow their journey here.

Ocean Girl Magazine

A blog inspiring girls to get out on the water, fuelled by a love of ocean living.

SophieΒ Hellyer

Sophie is a surfer and Animal representative. She lives in Ireland, where she strives for a healthy lifestyle – with plenty of surfing and adventure! She blogs and posts plenty of inspiring Instagram pictures.

Philly Lewis

Another Animal representative – Philly is an Animal Lifestyle ambassador and is a yogi, photographer, and surfer.

Braided BlissΒ 

A brand of clothing based around a love for the water and the ocean. Heartfelt and meaningful, these designs are gorgeous!

2 thoughts on “Ten Ocean Loving Bloggers You Should Check Out

    • Sophie says:

      Ah, thank you for your lovely comment ❀ Yes I loved your blog, it was great inspiration for what I wanted to do – and I love your rebrand too! Will be following along πŸ™‚


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