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On the Road [Travel Tips]

This week I’m on the road again. I set off yesterday for Cornwall and I’m looking forward to two weeks of exploring and having adventures. Sometimes, you just need a change of scene, new memories, and an adventure to keep you going! For me, I needed a get away and refresh my brain, which was beginning to feel stale.

Planning this trip, I thought a little bit about travelling alone, something that I’ve written about before here and here. It can be expensive travelling alone, because you can’t split costs/food with others, but you can make it work. Travelling in the UK can be quite expensive too. Luckily, Personal Capital have some money saving tips over on their blog. But here are some of my top tips for not forking out for your adventure.

  1. Find hostels. They’re a good budget option, and bonus – warm and dry. Or, if you don’t mind about the weather, go camping! The best budget option, although of course, organising and preparing meals is a little bit more difficult and can become pricey.
  2. Driving can be cheaper – but remember to check out car park prices or find hostels/locations with car parks. If you want to get to rural places, having a car can be the best way forward – better than waiting for buses that never come! If you’re heading to a city, leave the car at home.
  3. If you’re in a car, stock up on snacks before you leave. Get cereal bars, fruit, and raisins – the sorts of things that will last and mean you won’t be forking out for expensive pastries or snacks. Even if you’re not travelling b y car, you can still stock up with these – or head to supermarkets on your travels.
  4. Talking of food – buy bread and fillings for your sandwiches from bakeries or supermarkets and find a nice, scenic place to eat. Much cheaper than eating in somewhere!
  5. Take a flask – you can make your own tea or coffee at your hostel/campsite before you head out for the day.
  6. Think about what you want to achieve on your trip – think about a few things that you’re willing to spend money on and plan for them – maybe a couple of good meals out or a new experience.
  7. If you’re in the UK, take advantage of things like National Trust membership. This is particularly a good deal if you’re under 26! Having this membership means that you can visit tonnes of beautiful places at a great rate.
  8. There’s a wealth of things you can do that cost no money at all – going to the beach, walking around the countryside – all of these things (and more) are free. Step outside of the usual tourist traps and explore your surroundings.
  9. If you’re heading somewhere like London, then many of the national galleries and museums are free. Take advantage!
  10. Stay home! Or rather, stay in your own country. I’m lucky enough to live in the UK and there’s so many gorgeous places that I haven’t explored yet. Staying home means I don’t have to pay for flights, although, of course there are other expenses.
  11. Make friends! Travelling alone doesn’t mean that you have to stay alone. Hostels are great places for meeting people, and maybe you’ll be able to team up and share some costs.

You can find out more about saving money travelling with Personal Capital and if you’re looking to create your own travel budget, then you can find out more about how to do that effectively here.

What are your top money saving travel tips?

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