Part Two: St Ives

I then headed down to St Ives for a few days. It was my first visit to the town and I’d been wanting to visit for a long time. So I headed on down the coast to the town (in pouring rain!). I stayed in this wonderful surf friendly hostel in the centre of town, and minutes walk from the high street and the beaches.

St Ives was much bigger than I expected and I loved the mix of cultures present – art, surf, and fishing. It is a big enough place to absorb all these different cultures, but I found it fascinating to wander around and take in all the different cultures.

In St Ives there are two main beaches. Both these beaches are beautiful and sandy – Portmeor is the surfing beach, Porthminster calmer and more chilled out. There are a few other smaller beaches too, meaning that there are plenty

Highlights included finding artists’ studios tucked down alleys, the Barbara Hepworth statue garden, enjoying delicious smoothies in the Porthmeor Beach Cafe, seeing the sunset over Portmeor, walking alongΒ Porthminster beach early in the morning, bodyboarding and kayaking, and much more!

It was a glorious few days, and I particularly enjoyed spending every day in and out of my wetsuit!

I also met a great range of interesting people – from Australians living in the town to work, a lady studying art, and a Russian traveler, as well as plenty other friendly people in cafes and on the beaches. I gathered lots of stories and these sorts of encounters are always great for inspiration and to store away in the memory bank for later use. It’s also inspiring to meet a range of different people, doing interesting things!

St Ives was wonderfully welcoming, with lots going on, and I would love to go back again one day.

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