A Still Summer’s Morning

The air is as still as the water. There’s that feel, that anticipation – the air is warm.

The grass is soft beneath her feet – still damp with summer’s dew, but that’s already disappearing, as quickly as the day begins. She’s content though – for the time being. The day is still asleep, it hasn’t woken up yet, and she’s glad.

This was the best part of the day. The calm before the storm. She curled her toes up, scrunching the grass between them, and took a deep breath.

There was nothing like this fresh air – this calm. This was what she lived for.

But in an instance, she was back there – in the dark, in the cold, in the wind, watching the dead boat washing up on the shore – its hull exposed for all to see. The ship had creaked and groaned. There had been screaming – plenty of screaming, and she hadn’t known where it was coming from. Some it had come from her, she was sure of that.

The sun on her face disappeared, a shadow passing over and she shuddered. She closed her eyes and it was there.

There even when she opened them again and could see the cool, blue of the still warm water in front of her. It was nothing like the wild, crashing sea of that horrendous night.

But it haunted her dreams.

She wrapped her arms around her body, trying to warm herself up again.

It didn’t work.

Somewhere in the distance, a bird twittered from the tops of the trees. A car rumbled along a distant road.

Soon, the world would be waking and her idyllic bubble would be burst.

Since that fateful, horrific night, she had barely slept a wink. These beautiful still early mornings were what she lived for these days.

She took another deep breath and tried to bring herself back to the present moment.

Here, there were no wrecks – no ships on the beach. There was no fear that here the sea would rise up above her and swallow her.

The sun, rising up over the distant hills twinkled on the water making it sparkle.

Behind her, in the house, a window opened, a door creaked open.

The day had begun – and nightmares were banished once again, until the darkness came.


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