2016 in Review: Events and Experiences (3)

I’ve been lucky enough to have many wonderful experiences this year, and get to spend time with some truly wonderful friends and also meet many lovely new people. Here are some of the highlights!

Cornwall/Fowey Festival 

The Fowey Festival is always something that I love attending and this year was no different. Always a wonderful opportunity to meet lovely people, attend fascinating events, and .

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

A major highlight was this two-part theatre delight!


Another fun weekend packed full of YA fiction, books, writing, writers, readers, and Harry Potter. 

Cursed Child launch at Waterstones Picadilly 

Taking place on the same weekend as YALC, this was so much fun and the first midnight release event that I’d been to.

Busted, Mcfly, and Amanda Palmer 

It was a good year for concerts! I used to go to so many concerts, and this year I ended up attending three, all very different. The first was the Busted Pigs Can Fly tour, a concert that let’s be honest, I never ever thought I’d see!

Mcfly also finally went on tour again and it was a magical experience that made me utterly nostalgic and emotional.

Finally, Amanda Palmer, a completely different experience, but I adore her and it was magical.

Fantastic Beasts fan event

An event with some MuggleNet pals, Eddie Redmayne, and J.K. Rowling, among others. Not bad…

Phew! Despite all the lows, the heartache, and the tough days, it’s been a good year and I’ve had some wonderful experiences. I’ve got to spend time with people who continue to amaze me and friends that I adore and can’t wait to spend more time with. I’ve explored and tried new things and places, been able to go to many wonderful events and places, and there are plenty more things apart from the ones listed.

And some of the most special moments have come in things unable to narrow down to an event or a line in a blog post- the small moments, the kind gestures, the fun conversations and fangirling, the kindness of others, and more. As always, I’m grateful for the amazing people I’m surrounded by, from all walks of life and showing me how it’s possible to be inspiring, strong, and just generally remarkable. To all of you, thank you – whether you know it or not, you made a difference.

Merry Christmas.

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