UKSA: Week Two 


Spring is really here! The days are finally longer and today was absolutely gorgeous. It nearly felt a little like summer, with the sun out all day. Winsurfing was absolutely gorgeous out at a local little bay. 

i’m not going to lie, it was a bit of a rocky start, getting back into windsurfing, but after lunch it finally all clicked again and it was a really fantastic afternoon. So great to be out again and I’m excited for another day tomorrow! 


Not so sunny today, but still a glorious day for windsurfing. Today was an even better day than yesterday and everthing about the windsurfing felt great from the moment go, and I was delighted! Spent the morning praticing steering and just having a sail, then after lunch praticed sailing an upwind zig zag course, which was great. Also praticed a few gybes and tacks, which was also great. I love gybing, haha. Another successful day out on the water! 


Another day of windsurfing! We spent the morning doing some theory – talking about wind, tides, and sails, and all of that, before heading down to the beach after lunch. Pretty gentle conditions, although some quite intense gusts! Continued praticing an upwind course, as well as gybing! Another great day on the water. 


The weather today was absolutely gorgeous. The winds were very light, but this was good for praticing technique and nailing those moves. After lunch, the wind had died down even more, but we sailed across the bay and  had a go at beach starts, which was great fun. The water was so calm it was almost like a mill pond! Things are starting to become more natural and I’m aching less now! Still, another very early night. 


A gloomy start to the day, although it’s a gloriously peaceful evening on the estuary now. Today was a little frustrating in some respects, because the wind was stronger than it has been and it was quite gusty, but by the end of the day it felt a lot better and I was beginning to master those fast tacks and things were going a little better! The sun was out too and so it was a lovely day! 


Last day of windsurfing and an absolutely gorgeous day. Fewer big gusts than yesterday so it was a little more managable and less frustrating! Yesterday was just one of those days, and today was so much better. We continued practicing gybes and tacks – finally got my head round the fast tack, so many steps, it took a while to come together in my head, but after some continual practice it finally made sense and I cracked it (even if it’s not perfect yet!!). We also pratcitced sailing a triangluar course and enjoyed the sunshine with a bit of fun too. A great way to finish six days of windsurfing! 


This morning, we took some kayaks down the river. Absolutely gorgeous day, and the wind had nearly completely died. A lovely paddle, then back for lunch. A chilled out afternoon, so walked down into Cowes and along to the beach, to enjoy the sunshine. 

The course properly starts tomorrow – I can’t believe that I’ve already been here two weeks! It’s flying by, but the hard work starts properly now. Looking forward to getting properly started, feel settled in now, and into the swing of things, and greatly enjoying this new way of life – plus, I feel like I’ve done more productive writing since I’ve been here than I have done in months. It was just the change and motivation I needed! Onwards then… 


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