UKSA: Week Three

Week three and the WIT (watersports instructor training) properly starts this week. We kicked off with an induction (and two new members to the group!) and a careers talk (the first “careers” talk in my life where I haven’t got made or anxious haha perhaps I am doing the right thing. …), as well as being presented with a stack of reading material, before heading out on the water, taking a powerboat out the river onto the seafront to see some of the sailing spots. Started reading up on the VHF radio stuff, as well as learning the phonetic alphabet – word association is the way to go for this with me, so lots of random associations memorised.  

Well, it was a busy week with some long days but successfully completed the VHF short range radio course (and successfully learned the phonetic alphabet), as well as a two day Level 2 Powerboat course, which was great fun and included a bit of high speed, some navigation, and a trip across the Solent. After that, we were onto kayaking and canoeing, in preparation for our 2 Star Kayak assessment today (Monday). So lots of pack in, but we’ve had some gorgeous weather with barely any wind, which has made it perfect for being in kayaks. 

Many of the girls that I arrived with, who were doing a different course, have all left now. I can’t believe that three weeks have passed already, it’s flying by. The site has been full this weekend, with all sorts of groups, from an orchestra, to a rugby club, so it’s been pretty busy around here, as well as lots of new instructors arriving for the season. Things are only going to get busier! 

Onto another week!


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