UKSA: Week Seven and Eight

Week Seven

[didn’t post so posting late!] The days have all begun to blur into one and I don’t even know what day it is anymore.

The days have all begun to blur into one and I don’t even know what day it is anymore.

Last week began with a day off, and it was nice to recharge, do some writing, and catch up on bits and pieces. Tuesday ended up being a theory day as there was very little wind, and we worked on our presentations. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were all days back on the water, and after some previously frustrating days, things improved again and I had some really good days, which I was really happy about – including finally, being happier in those stronger winds and speeding around in the harness – so some excellent days.

On Friday we had to pack up all the intermediate kit, as Saturday we were back to beginner rigs and back to basics, in preparation for our instructor course, which started on Sunday. Funny to think that that goal point, which seemed so far away last month, is now here!

Week Eight 

Windsurf instructor week! So, pace changed a bit with windsurf instructor week. Back to basics, but we were also learning about how to teach, practiced running sessions and coaching each other. It was a really interesting week, with lots to think about, and I learned a lot, not just about how to teach and explaining the basics of windsurfing, but about my own windsurfing too.

A hard but fantastic week, with presentations, lots of practice sessions and simulator work, and much more. We were lucky to have some beautiful days too. The week ended with a moderation day, and I was delighted to pass. I am now officially a Start Windsurf instructor! We celebrated with ice cream.

Sad to leave windsurfing behind, we moved straight onto SUP (stand up paddleboarding), which I also really enjoy. We had a few days messing about on the river, taking some trips and practicing some paddle skills. Then it was rounded off with a SUP instructor conversion day, which was good fun and interesting to see how our skills learned in our windsurf instructor week transferred over. So a successful and very happy couple of weeks!


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