UKSA: Week Ten

This time last week, I didn’t think I would have stuck at the dinghy sailing – I didn’t think I’d still be doing it, and I certainly didn’t think that I would say that I had had days where I’ve spent the day laughing rather than crying.

But it’s true!

True, things didn’t immediately improve. I think switching instructors about and having to start again didn’t help. Plus we had some windier days, which made it all a bit more daunting and made me continue to hate it.

Monday was a day where I didn’t have any major meltdowns, which was an improvement, although it was still a slightly frustrating day in some ways (and it was a gorgeously warm day, which was lovely too – the start of a really warm week – definitely into the shorts now, no more trousers till the autumn for me…!)

It wasn’t until Wednesday that I had a day when I laughed instead of crying. It felt like things were beginning to come together. Thursday took a few steps back and was a frustrating day, but Friday was a beautiful day and things finally started to go right. We were able to go down the river and the weather was beautiful! The day was topped off with some rather entertaining capsizes from me, including falling backwards out the boat and falling out the powerboat after attempting to climb back into my boat… yes, safe to say that I didn’t sail back after that!

Over the weekend, we started with another instructor, who we now have for the rest of the course. Was apprehensive about going out again – and back to double handed boats. Wind was quite rough Saturday, but Sunday was much better – and another day with lots of laughter. Today, was another lighter day and another day of laughter – two in a row, an achievement I feel! Plus, I’m impressed that I’ve actually turned up every day. I might even be beginning to enjoy it?

Watch this space….!


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