UKSA: Week Eleven

I feel like I only just finished writing the last blog post – how has a week gone by already? Another week of sailing has disappeared, and it’s been a lot more positive, with several good days in a row. Still a lot to learn and a lot of skills to develop, and I’m still struggling a bit with it, but it has got better, which is good.

There’s now less than two weeks left until the end of the course – and less than a week until our pre-assessment for the instructor course, which is terrifying! Where has the time gone?

This week we’ve covered all sorts including spinnakers, rudderless sailing, backwards (!) sailing, starting prepping our presentations, and much more. The weather has continued to be gloriously warm, which has been lovely! Great to be outside all the time, and spent the evenings taking advantage of being able to be outside too.

2017-06-01 18.39.42

We had a day off on Friday and headed up to Osborne House, Queen Victoria’s residence on the island. Beautiful grounds, a huge house, and even a lovely private beach! Definitely well worth a visit and lovely to see.



The final push! Here we go….


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