longing [meditations #5]

I miss the feel of the sand
underneath my feet, the sound
of the waves gently nudging
the shoreline, the repetitive
motion, going in and out,
soothing to my soul.

I long to leave my footprints
fading in the sand, abandon
my shoes far away from shore
and forget about the outside
world. To feel the power of
the ocean as it tugs at my skin

and pulls me along, as I float
in the water, free and whole again.
For salt to dry on my skin
and hair, leaving traces
behind so that it can always be found.

2 thoughts on “longing [meditations #5]

  1. Clare harding says:

    This is so beautiful Sophie.
    You’ve put into words exactly how i feel too! Missing the carefree days and the sea swims from sandy beaches.
    Lots of love XX

    Liked by 1 person

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