The Magic of Silence and Six Ways to Find it. Read more on Sea, Earth, Sky

The Magic of Silence (And Six Ways to Find It)

In the Harry Potter world, there’s not really a charm for creating silence. There’s a silencing charm, but it only makes the recipient temporarily mute. And that’s not the true kind of silence I want to talk about.

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Ten inspirational ocean blogs, bloggers, and brands. Read more on Sea, Earth, Sky

Ten Ocean Loving Bloggers You Should Check Out

There’s nothing I like more than stumbling upon a blog that manifests everything that I care about and love. There are so many inspiring ocean and ocean living and surf blogs, bloggers, and brands out there, I thought I’d gather together some of my favourites.

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pink sun in fowey, fowey river, estuary, winter

Sunrise Over Tonbridge [Creative]

The sky begins to pale

over the black landscape

that is hidden from my eye.

The train rumbling through the countryside

doesn’t give it a second thought

and the passengers are silent

eyes closed or staring at screens.

In the passing towns, lights twinkle

and the shapes of roofs are visible.

Deserted stations lie, frost

on the platforms, doors slide open

to admit the lone traveller.

The sun rises somewhere in the distance

unseen from the train.


afternoon sun in fowey

Leaving [Creative]

It’s hard to believe that it’s time to go

that this time tomorrow it will all

feel like a dream

that I can’t quite remember.

Now, this reality seems more

than anything else – the rest of the world

doesn’t quite exist

out the corner of my eye.

For me, the river, the boats

the narrow streets and the dreamers charm

seem more real

than anything else in this world –

and elsewhere might as well

not quite exist anymore.