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The Long Way Home 

It’s been ten years since Beth Cassidy ran away from home. Since then, she’s forged her own path without giving her family a second thought. But as she learns of her older sister’s engagement, she feels home beckoning to her again.

Soon her life is entangled with the Cassidy family again. There’s her father’s death to comprehend, her mother’s pretence that nothing has changed, and her baby brother’s withdrawn behaviour – as well as her own daughter’s existence to break.

Beth finds herself caught up in a web of secrets and lies that she can’t extract herself from. Now, she must make the choice to embrace her family’s secrets or turn away forever.

Book One of Five in the Cassidy Family series. 

Wildfire (YA)

Fire catches.

It leaves scars.

But it’s the memories that burn the most.

Roberta Blue wishes that she could remember what happened in the fire that nearly killed her – but her memories are gone. Starting a new school is a way to start afresh, but can she come to terms with what happened to her last spring?


Completed Projects

The Winters

Leaving behind Pencoombe was the hardest thing Lavinia White has ever done.

After arriving in Cornwall for a three month stay in Pencoombe, Lavinia is befriended by local boy, Archie Winter. But life in Pencoombe isn’t as carefree as it first appears. Archie is troubled by the secrets of his family past, and as the weeks pass, Lavinia becomes entangled in the darkness that surrounds the town.

Now, two years later, as the memories and secrets threaten to resurface, Lavinia must make a choice about where her heart truly lies.

Treading Water (YA)

Marian Key has always lived in a sheltered, magical world, enjoying long, idyllic summers. She wants nothing more than to be able to live like that forever. But when her father announces he is selling her childhood home, she is distraught and desperate to find a way to stop him.

If she doesn’t, then she fears she will lose all traces of her missing mother forever. Before the summer runs out, she must find a way to change her father’s mind and learn the truth about the mother she has never known. As Marian battles her father and her own insecurities, she finds herself falling in love for the first time.