Trying to Deal With Anxiety

As the long, winter nights approach again, I’m starting to worry that the anxiety that overtook me last winter will strike again. I’ve been thinking about ways to try and keep it at bay, and although it’s hard to sometimes to follow my own advice, I thought I’d share some of the things that have helped me.

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mint leaves, summer

Mint Tea

I’ve become addicted to fresh mint tea this summer. Over the past few months I’ve been drinking peppermint tea, and banning myself from drinking any caffeine after six pm in the evening. There was a reason for this – over the winter I went through an incredibly rough patch, sinking pretty low, and finding myself unable to sleep and anxious about everything.

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sea gull, rough water, fowey

Finding that Calm Place

A year ago I was in a pretty bad state. I knew it at the time, but probably not how much. I’d had a rough few months and then had to leave my university city and return home, which was quite an upheaval. Although it was the right thing for me, it was a huge wrench at the time and took months for me to adjust. I was shattered, lost, and scared. I went through a pretty low patch over the winter, and took a while to pull myself out of it.  I was worried about everything – from  sleeping and having to talk to people, to getting into my car and walking into rooms of strangers. But I got through it (with some help).

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