On Being Twenty Five, growing up, twenties

On Being Twenty Five

I always though that life at twenty five would be pretty sorted. That everything would have fallen into place and life would be sweet. Of course, as I’ve got older, I’ve realised that life isn’t like that, at any point, and yet still, there’s this feeling that something hasn’t fallen into place somewhere, that something went wrong, that I went wrong -somewhere, somehow.

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Fearless: The Interview Series – Olivia O’Connor

When I began setting up this blog, I started googling and searching for lifestyle, outdoors, travel, and surf blogs. I was amazed by the number of links that came up – lining up all these blogs to read, and spent hours reading inspiring posts and interviews written by these utterly inspiring women. Each blog lead me to click through to more – and I soon discovered that there was one thing in common with all these blogs – they were all utterly inspiring and run by women who had decided to go out and do what they wanted to do. Do what I wanted to do. They were living lives that I wanted to. So, I thought, in the spirit of doing things, what better than ask them for interviews and feature them here.

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