Is This Hope?

It smells like spring,
despite the morning frost
heavy on the ground,
the air has shifted
and rich golden daffodils
burst open from the ground
their heads nodding towards
the sun, which is warm on my skin.
I pause a moment to enjoy
the feeling, the blue skies
wrapping around me, and I wonder,
is this hope, at last?

The Sun Will Rise Again

Here’s what I know of this world,

that the sun will set every day

and will rise again the next.

The darkness will fade and the sun

will come out again.

That there will always be music

and singing and dancing and art

and writing. That there will be

writers and artists and creators

and people who want to make a change

and that no matter what

there will be love and kindness

somewhere to be found.


Hope is a root that keeps growing

for we are never without it

and the sun, always rises.