The Slow Lane

So here I am, stumbling in the slow lane

while you race ahead, as if life

is a race to win one day.

I write words

and then delete them

I conjure up whole weird worlds

in my head and stare at blank pages.

You speed past me while I hit bump

after bump in the road,

the rain is fogging my view and I can’t see round the bends.

On social media everything is rosy

but in real life things aren’t so I know

but it’s hard to remember

when it seems like everyone is speeding on

into life

while I hit a roadblock,

scrabble around

searching for the words

swimming against the tide, pushing back

trying to capture that something special

whatever it is, create art,

create magic, a way of living –

the only way to be alive

the only way to survive

make art and hold your head

above the crowd

even if you’re left behind.