Our Kingdom

Trace the paths
with your fingertips
see where they disappear
into nothing, hedges
and secret places.


See where our world
begins and ends
stays within the hedgerows
that border this kingdom,
a land of make-believe.


See where the grass
dips, where the banks
roll away and the daffodils
bloom, where we lie
under the blossom tree.


See where we grow
like flowers blooming
in the wild, secret, protected
and rooted in the soil,
the fabric of this place.



Memories of past springs and summers
are etched onto my skin
like scars

JK Rowling Hogwarts quote

Flying Pigs and Time Travel

Next year, we have a Harry Potter play, a Harry Potter film, and a Busted reunion. I feel like I’ve time travelled back to the noughties and fourteen year old me, who would have been ecstatic (of course, twenty five year old me IS ecstatic too). It’s given me an opportunity to think back to fourteen/fifteen year old me and remember what I was like, what’s changed, and what hasn’t.

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