Sunrise Over Tonbridge [Creative]

The sky begins to pale

over the black landscape

that is hidden from my eye.

The train rumbling through the countryside

doesn’t give it a second thought

and the passengers are silent

eyes closed or staring at screens.

In the passing towns, lights twinkle

and the shapes of roofs are visible.

Deserted stations lie, frost

on the platforms, doors slide open

to admit the lone traveller.

The sun rises somewhere in the distance

unseen from the train.


Winter Solstice [Short Story]

It’s a long climb up the hill to the spot and he wonders, yet again, why they bother. It’s windy and exposed, and there’s no chance in hell that they’re going to be able to get a fire going. And yet, here they are, once again, same as they are every year, climbing up this wretched hill in the dark to celebrate something and he’s not even sure why anymore.

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