The internet is littered
with the remains of our half started
dreams and schemes,
a web of tangled ideas
conceived but never fully realised
abandoned, but a footprint
remains, a winding trail,
pieces of who we are
only half formed.

sunrise in fowey, winter

Peace and Inspiration

Returning home after a holiday is always strange. It’s difficult to settle again, to refocus, despite all the ideas and dreams you had when you were away. It’s hard to get back into that rhythm of life, especially after establishing a new one when away.

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Fearless: The Interview Series – Karla Layton

Welcome to the second interview in my series of interviews with inspiring women. This next one comes from Karla Layton, who blogs at KarlaLayton.com. I was delighted to receive such a positive and enthuastic email from Karla, and the answers that she gave to my questions were inspiring and insightful. I really enjoyed working with Karla on this one, so I hope you all enjoy it too!

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