sea, cornwall


This is a new beginning – another new beginning.

There always seems to be a new blog, a new vlog, a new challenge. But this is one I want to stick. This is one I want to make work – although I’m sure I say that every time.

I want this blog to be about simple things, about the countryside, about the sea. About the pull of the water and the ocean, about words and magic. About dreams and determination, about travel and adventures. I want this blog to be full of writing and pictures, inspiration and ideas, longings and ideals, and more.

I have always loved the coast, the sea and surf lifestyle, and the countryside. I love the process of growing food, eating naturally, and living with the seasons. I love books that evoke these things and atmospheric settings, such I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith and Daphne du Maurier’s novels.

I think everyone should slow down a bit, relax more, do what they want to do, what they love, and be creative as much as they can. I think we should eat food that is naturally in season, shop locally, and grow more things ourselves. We should be in tune with the seasons and nature and the sea. I think the sea can wash away anxieties and fears, can calm you and make you happy.

Life is short, and if you can’t do what you want, then what’s the point?

I don’t want to wait anymore.

I love to windsurf, but I don’t spend as much time on or by the water as I’d like. At uni it was great to be a part of the uni windsurf club, making weekly windsurf a thing. Here, I don’t have anyone sending out emails and organizing sessions.

Hopefully, this blog will be a mixture of inspirations, features, creative writing, photographs, recipes, gardening, and more, encouraging you Рand me Рto live the life you want. Now  Рwithout reservation or fear.

So come on this journey with me and let’s see where it goes.

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